How to file for Divorce if you use a lawyer:

If you want to file for Divorce and use a lawyer it is highly recommended to make sure you and your spouse divide all assets, debts, property, and liabilities BEFORE dealing with a lawyer or lawyers. Note: If you have an uncontested Divorce (you agree on everything) then you will have one lawyer but if not you will have 2 lawyers. This means in a civil manner discuss all of your assets, debts, property, and liabilities and decide who gets what before dealing with lawyers or at the very least write down all of these things so they can quickly be gone through when you do use a lawyer's services. You should know who gets what before contacting a lawyer or lawyers so that the lawyer or lawyers do not take all of your money while you and your spouse are arguing about who gets what while your lawyer or lawyers are present and on your payroll. Also before contacting a lawyer or lawyers try to figure out issues regarding child support and child custody if you have children under 18 years of age. This again saves you money especially if you and your spouse cannot decide right away who should get custody of your child or children.

When you actually decide to get a lawyer make sure you pick a lawyer who specializes in Family Law and knows what they are doing. Ask others who have been divorced in the last few years as well as good lawyers you have had in the past. Ask the lawyer appropriate questions when you first talk to them about family law and how much they charge for a retainer. Also make sure you have enough money to cover the cost of a retainer. Note: A retainer is a fee that you pay in advance to a lawyer to be able to use their services when you need them for the case they are helping you with. Also it is possible to get back some of your retainer fee if you do not use the lawyer for the total specified time that you paid for. It would be best to consult multiple lawyers and not just take the first one you come across.

When you have your lawyer you must remember that you need to consider your options when they give you advice. You do not need to follow their advice and must remember that YOU are making important decisions that could affect the rest of your life. In addition, you should not let anyone else whether it is your current spouse, your family, or friends have too much of an influence on your Divorce decisions either. Only you can know what is best for your Divorce case and should do the actions you believe are appropriate after consulting the appropriate source(s).