Illinois Divorce Forms

File Your Own Divorce in Illinois: Free Downloadable Divorce Forms

Sadly, over 50% of marriages fail. To add insult to injury, divorce proceedings can take years and cost thousands of dollars in legal fees. However, it is possible to file your own divorce in Illinois for no more than the state divorce form filing fees. This page provides all of the forms you need to initiate your do-it-yourself divorce in Illinois.

How to file for Divorce, Legal Separation or Annulment in Illinois:

Click the link to Click the Forms/Letters section to see a box come up asking for your Zip Code. Enter your Zip Code and click save. Click the appropriate Information Checklist for the type of Divorce, Legal Separation or Annulment you want. Look at the checklist and file for the appropriate type while following the instructions on the website.

Illinois Divorce Forms

In Illinois, Divorces are handled by the The Judicial Branch of Illinois.